Frequently Asked Questions

You ask … we answer. Below you will find the questions we most often get asked, but if what you want to know isn’t here just give us a call and we will be happy to answer any question.

Membership includes:

1. Individual custom portal for each Agency. This portal contains Agency design software and a number of web-based tools such as Agency Dashboard, Online Procedures Manual, Strategic plan software and Goals management systems along with many others. It also has hundreds of templates and videos and systems to get your agency systemised. If you would like to see what is the members portal simply contact us and we will be happy to give you a backstage tour.

2. Weekly online Strategy Sessions for the key people in the Agency. We run weekly sessions for Sales, principals, Property management and Rent Roll Growth. They cover all aspects of these disciplines and are available to your staff in these roles. They are also recorded so if anyone misses a meeting they can watch it later.

3. Quarterly Principals Conferences. These are face to face boardroom type gatherings where we workshop and strategise the growth and success of Agency businesses. The power of the group thinking is phenomenal.

4. A full Business System for Residential Sales Agents to develop their own listing and sales success. As many Agents as you have get access to a separate training site also run by us. creates an individual training website for each agent. It feeds them daily training for 60 modules and educates them in a complete prospecting, listing and sales methodology.

5. Coach-on-Call. It’s simple: You call, I answer, we figure out stuff together. 24/7. After over 20 years building Agencies there is not much that I have not seen before and helped to formulate an approach to.

A membership fee of $985 + GST per month is the all inclusive fee to be part of one of the most dynamic actions you could ever take for your agency. This will change the course of your existence.

We do not believe in “lock in contracts” so we have a “Love it or Leave it” policy. You can leave at any stage, but we are confident that when you see what is on offer you’ll stay for the long term.

You need to set a specific time to work on your business. We recommend that a couple of hours each week at any time that suits you is a good practical time to allocate. This is enough to provide remarkable results while not impacting on your ability to run your day to day business.

This represents less than 5% of your total work time dedicated to building the business and the rest working as part of it. Our process is very efficient because you know what actions to take – that is why the time required is minimal. If you were trying to figure all this stuff out on your own it would take you many times longer – so take the big shortcut.

There is a great deal of training available in the Real Estate industry. Most of it is for the defined roles in Sales and Property Management. There is actually very little dedicated to the Principal or owner of the business. Further, what is offered here is a complete all encompassing system that works on EVERY part of the business. It is not a random set of topic based education.

In fact this is not really “Training” at all in the traditional sense. It is more closely aligned to hiring a Business Consultant to work with you to build your specific business.

3 Reasons:
1. A system beats random activity every time – just ask McDonalds or Henry Ford.
2. The system overcomes the “Sales Wave Factor”
3. It is quicker (and hence more profitable for you) to tap into a system than it is to try and invent or develop one by yourself. The system exists - just use it to generate more profit with less stress.

Generally not. “local competitors” is a term open to interpretation and you are fully aware that offices conduct the business of Real Estate in many different ways. Our base philosophy on this is to act in the best interests of our members. If we stick to that it works for everyone.

The system works with you. It delivers bite sized chunks to you with human guidance. It keeps helping you a bit at a time in a way that all those other things can never do. We understand real estate agents and principals. The process is designed so you get drip fed at a speed that is manageable but gets results. All the components are short and punchy. The videos are less than 2 minutes each - there are lots of them but they get to the point quickly. Notes are short and we have done as much as possible with the templates so you get output and benefits with as little input as possible.

Simple: Don’t decide. Just give it a try and take a look at how it works and what’s in it for you. Our “Love it or Leave it” policy means you can go at any time. We have no lock in contracts but we are confident that when you experience what is on offer you’ll stay for the long term…easy! Just click on the Join button below to start the path to your Ultimate Agency.

Learn the step-by-step process and essential strategy to build your own Ultimate Agency.

Let us take you through a step-by-step process and create a road map so it doesn’t feel so overwhelming. We’ll break it down into manageable pieces that get you EXCITED about what you’re creating, instead of feeling like a burden. You can do this. We can help!

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