How it works

Think of this as an offer to join a "Club" for Real Estate Principals who are focused on growing their businesses.
Membership enables principals to work "on" their business instead of just working "in" it.

We've created the "Join the Dots" system to a successful Agency, (by YOUR definition). You simply turn up and fill in the blanks.

This provides a full system for agency principals to apply to their business along with support from consultants with vast experience doing exactly this for many Agency businesses. Further, you become part of a network of Agency principals who “get it”. They assist each other because we all benefit from smart application of great ideas – and no-one has a monopoly on creative thinking.

You also have a lot of fun along the way. It is satisfying and motivating to build a spectacular business.

The Mechanics

We start by uncovering your True Vision for your business: What YOU really want out of it as Principal.

Then we turn that into a financial model to make sure it is really achievable. (Don't worry … there are not hours of boring spreadsheets. Our software makes it quick and super easy, even if you are not a financial guru).

After that the planning is nailed down. Both a 3 year plan and a year 1 plan flow out of the financial stuff.
We then know where we are going so we can get on with it.

There are lots of systems involved in running a business.

Together with you a Project Plan is created on the most logical and profitable way to introduce each of these systems to your particular business.

We then give you access to the systems. There are hundreds of notes, videos and templates that will all be available in the specific web platform built just for your individual business. This is done in a structured way – we manage the process so you don't get swamped but you have a clear idea of the available systems.

The weekly online meetings focus on weekly themes and members swap ideas and hints. The cumulative experience of our group is amazing. And what is so awesome is that unlike a franchise where everyone looks to the franchisor for all the business input, our group actively help each other.

Along the way your progress is monitored. Our dashboard systems and Mission Control philosophy all work to check you are on track financially, growth-wise, with systems implementation and most importantly that you are having fun.

Accountability is also part of the program so we monitor your progress and support when needed. Our butt is on the line with yours (because we like working with happy clients and virtually all our business comes from referrals).

When you need us we are there for you

We are always on-call. Sometimes you just need an independent head who has seen so much in Agencies to get the right perspective and chart the solution. You call – we discuss and solve. Any time.

Also see the FAQ page for other details.