In most Agencies the rent roll is the owners prime storage of wealth.
Not only does it provide consistent cashflow that can be reasonably accurately forecast (unlike sales commissions) but it has a readily tradeable asset value that is even available  as security to raise finance against.

Its no wonder that growing a sound rent roll has become a major focus for astute Principals over the last few years.

Consequently they are keenly sought after and prices for good rent rolls are rising.

The irony is that a large proportion of office Principals have come from a sales background so naturally working with the sales team has been their comfort zone.

While they acknowledge now the importance of rent roll growth the methods to do so have not been around in a structured way as the jobs of sales and property management have.
This emerging discipline of rend roll growth and the role of a Business Development Manager (or a team of them) is therefore still evolving.

We have been actively involved in this and as a result of the thinking we have done we now have some valuable systems to facilitate the fastest possible growth of your rent roll.

They include:

  • The cost benefit analysis of a Business Development function,
  • How to market your property management services,
  • How to hire, train, pay and incentivise your Business development team,
  • Where the leads come from for the Business Development managers,
  • How business is nurtured and converted to clients,
  • Establishing a point of difference that your local competitors won’t have (This is a killer advantage),
  • How to integrate the Business development function with your sales force,
  • How to leverage off the database you already have to generate more into your asset of the rent roll.

As with everything we do, this has been compiled into a system that can be installed in your business.
This aspect of the Ultimate Agency is worth SO MUCH MONEY that it CANNOT BE IGNORED!

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