Think of this as an offer to join a “Club” for Real Estate Principals who are focussed on growing their businesses.

Membership enables principals to work “on” their business instead of just working “in” it.

The business is sectioned into 4 areas

  • Building your Sales Team
  • Creating a smooth and profitable property management department
  • Growing your rent roll
  • Systemising the entire business

This provides a full system for agency principals to apply to their business along with support from consultants with vast experience doing exactly this for many Agency businesses.

Further, you become part of a network of Agency principals who “get it”. They assist each other because we all benefit from smart application of great ideas – and no-one has a monopoly on creative thinking.
You also have a lot of fun along the way. It is satisfying and motivating to build a spectacular business.



The Mechanics.

We have developed a number of processes and systems.

Together with you a Project Plan is created on the most logical and profitable way to introduce each of these systems to your particular business.

We then give you access to the systems and send you details as you need them.

This is done in a structured way – we manage the process so you don’t get swamped but you have a clear idea of the available systems.

Accountability is also part of the program so we monitor your progress and support when needed.